October Skies

J Motor Impulse Drag Race

$100 Gift Certificate Prize to Winner!

Saturday October 16, 2010





Contest Rules:


1.      All contestants must follow the Tripoli safety code

2.      The rocket body cannot be less than 3” minimum in diameter, there is no length or weight restrictions

3.      All  rockets must be cleared by RSO  prior to flight

4.      The rocket must be powered by a single J impulse range motor max 1280 N-sec which is certified and commercially available

5.      Motor must be ignited using commercially manufactured igniters

6.      The rocket must carry an unmodified commercially-available recording altimeter, which will be used after the flight to determine the time required for the rocket to reach 3,000' AGL

7.      To be a qualified flight the rocket must make a safe, stable flight, and be recovered successfully

8.      Upon recovery, the rocket must be brought directly to a designated area to have the altimeter data read under supervision of the contest judges.  

9.      The rockets will be ranked in order by time it takes them to reach an altitude of 3,000' AGL.

10.  The race will be comprised of  ‘heat races’, to qualify the two fastest rockets:

·     All rockets in each ‘heat’ will be launched simultaneously

·     The two fastest rockets which qualify from heats will advance to the final

·     The fastest rocket in the final head-to-head heat will be the winner