Dairy Aire 2017

Launch Highlights

The TCC Crew had their usual Dragrace, James Franco captured the launch below:

Most notable is this clip of Airborne Video which Rob Gong captured from his Phantom II – back by the away pad …

Steve Jurvetson launched his Big Sledgehammer and had an epic flight; here is the video compilation from the pad cam and 2 rocket cams.

This was my first flight using a couple of $30 key-fob 1080p cameras duct-taped to the airframe.  Thanks to Jamie Clay for the pointer to them. If you want one: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01KUZQUMG?psc=1 Here’s the flight line… and the engine glow at the tip of the plume shadow….


Berry Van Oostende did his L3 with his 7.5″ Der Red Max …



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